What is a Real Redneck – Part 1 – Meet Todd Millard

Posted on: May 18, 2016, by :

We get asked a lot “what is the meaning of the Real Redneck logo?”

Do you go above and beyond to help someone?  Do you put other’s needs before your own?  Do you do what you say?

Actions speak louder than words!!  We’re about building community!!  We want to establish a recognizable brand so that when you wear it, you’re cognizant of representing a brand that is established to do good!  Therefore, hoping to motivate others to do such!  When people see it, they know they can count on you!!

To better answer this, we’re doing a series to introduce what a Real Redneck is!

Aside from trying to build this community, we realize that we need to back up that we are not just a group of folks that decided yesterday to get into this lifestyle and begin to act as though we know it all!  We’ve always lived this lifestyle!  However, we are not perfect!  We are always continually learning!  We want to build this community to recognize good deeds!  With the new wave of “Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor Companies/TV Shows/Organizations” on the rise, we want to prove we’re not new to this.  We’ve been living the lifestyle our whole lives.  We’ve accrued a lot of knowledge from experience and other’s experiences around us!  We want to learn more from you and pass on our experiences to those that are new to such and willing to help build community with us!

Please check out this lllonnnngggg video as part 1 of this series to understand what a Real Redneck is and to get some insight and back story of who one of the current Real Rednecks, Todd Millard, is!