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Hey Folks, The Redneck Country Trapshooting/Shotgunning Clinic is fillng up fast! It’s going to be another exciting, fun filled event!! This isn’t a “come listen to us talk” kinda event!! You will be shooting!!! Not just a shot here and a shot there. On the line shooting full rounds of trap!! That’s the only way […]

Redneck Country Family Christmas Projector Project – WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

REDNECK COUNTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP!! Redneck Country has taken on the task of supplying a knockout Christmas for an Assisted Income Community that is in need! We’ve reached out to the community and have worked with them to identify a need that they require in order to have Community / Family Nights!! We’re hoping to […]

Pretty Cool Thing Happened This Morning – check our Facebook to stay up to date with Redneck Country!

Pretty cool thing happened to me this morning!! Dry County TY!!!! Hey folks, check ’em out, like and share their page!! Awesome music you can relate to!!! PS – We’re thinkin’ the next Redneck Country social event will be a Dry County Concert!! WOOHOO!! 😉 #GREATMUSIC #MUSICTORELATETO #BUILDCOMMUNITY Be sure to check out our Facebook to stay up to […]


Merry Christmas Folks!!!! Please take this amazing holiday time to enjoy family, friends, the outdoors and even those strangers you pass out and about!! We hope that your paddocks stay full of fun and excitement, your woods and water stays pentiful, your bellies stay full to the brim and your heart is forever warm!! Once […]

Redneck Country’s Christmas Family Community Builder

REDNECK COUNTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP!! ( Redneck Country has taken on the task of supplying a knockout Christmas for a family that is in need!  We’ve reached out to our local Public School Board and have worked with them to identify a single mother that simply cannot afford to give her 3 children a Christmas! […]

Redneck Country Real Rednecks are heading to Cabela’s in Barrie, ON, Canada!!!

Some of the Redneck Country Real Rednecks will be heading to Cabela’s to instruct “Goose Hunting on a Budget”.  They’ll be presenting from 11am – 12pm and then will be hanging out talking huntin’, fishin’, shootin’, rodeo, etc……  Be sure to swing by their booth right inside the entrance and hang out and share some […]

Follow Nick Goncalves – Redneck Country’s and F8Seconds’ Bull Rider!!

Meet Redneck Country’s & F8Seconds Bull Rider – Nick Goncalves We’ll be posting all of Nick Goncalves Schedule, Success as well as an inside look into his world as a Professional Bull Rider.  Follow him here at this link: Bull Rider – Nick Goncalves   Nick fits right in with the Redneck Country family. He […]


Redneck Country is pleased to announce that we have newly acquired Rodeo Apparel company F8Seconds!!   We’re very excited to bring F8Seconds into the Redneck Country family in order to continue to show our dedication towards building community through the Rodeo world!  We feel this is a great opportunity to be able to continue the […]

Redneck Country’s Real Redneck Scott Goodall going the extra mile for youth!!

This is just one of the many reasons Redneck Country is proud to have Scott Goodall as part of the family and proud he wears the Real Redneck logo!! 2 days in the hospital with massive tests to figure out what is up with his swollen Carotid Artery on Friday and Saturday, to taking youth […]

What is a Real Redneck – Part 1 – Meet Todd Millard

We get asked a lot “what is the meaning of the Real Redneck logo?” Do you go above and beyond to help someone?  Do you put other’s needs before your own?  Do you do what you say? Actions speak louder than words!!  We’re about building community!!  We want to establish a recognizable brand so that […]