Building Community

This is truly what Redneck Country is all about!

Always being mindful of others!

Looking to lend that hand whenever possible!

Helping out anyone when in need no matter what the cost!

Redneck Country has been very diligent at doing this!  They often put on $2 Community Dinners (Ham & Beef, Potatoes, Vegetables, Dessert and all the fixin’s) in order to build the relationships within their communities!!

For whatever reason everyone comes. Whether it is a good tasting meal for very little, socializing, breaking boredom…..the main reason for us is that everyone is building new relationships!! They are getting to see and meet their neighbors. A stronger community helps each other when needed, diminishes crime, folks are overall happier and more successful!!

“Bringing old school country morales and values to modern day!!” – Real Rednecks